It’s all about your story. Professional photographer Shane Young, whose work has appeared in the New York Times and other notable publications, has been working as a photojournalist and portrait photographer for many years. Shane was drawn to photography by the way it can be used to tell a rich, unique story.

Shane’s many years of professional editorial photography have given him the skills and experience necessary to confidently and beautiful capture your life story, whether he’s photographing your family, taking your senior pictures, or doing your wedding photography.

For Shane, photography is about people. He has always been interested in people’s stories, their motivations, their one of a kind personalities. He was drawn to photography at a young age because it provides a unique and singular way to capture those stories. Photography is timeless, both immediate and fresh, while at the same time lasting down through the generations.

Photography is a way of life, and Shane has been seeing the world through a camera lens since he was a kid. He has always been curious about people, and that curiosity - along with his photojournalism experience - makes people’s stories show up in his photography.