Sunday, December 20, 2009

My secret life...

For those of you who don't know me well...

I work for a dog.

Of course, this is no ordinary dog, this is the English Bulldog named Zelda.

Zelda Wisdom Inc. is a company I co-founded with Carol Gardner back in 1999. We license the imagery we create of Zelda to companies all over the universe to use on a multitude of products. Everything from greeting cards and books to throw pillows and cookies. Our latest venture is in the world of children's books... stay tuned :-)

You can purchase The Best of Zelda Wisdom 2010 calendar here. Thanks for checking Zelda out!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Ironman Stories

Wanted to put the word out to all Triathletes and those that know and love them. I would like to follow a series of athletes throughout the year and document the stories and back stories that develop. How you juggle your passion to compete with your everyday lives with work and family.

Also, let me know if you are an athlete that would value (and be willing to pay for) a series of compelling images. I see these as both stylized "action portraits" of swimming, biking, and running as well as candid journalistic images.


Dirne does it every day

For the past few weeks I have had the honor of hanging out with both the Dirne Health Center's staff and patients.

In an effort to capture the culture of Dirne and help tell their story, I documented the daily activity at the clinics.

Let me tell you, if you have ever considered making a donation to a local non-profit... this is a good one. These guys save KMC a ton of money by having a place where the uninsured can come and get care without bogging down the emergency room services.

They don't only serve those who cannot pay. In fact, they need others like you and me who want top level healthcare to join. To see the slideshow I produced for their annual fundraiser please click here.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing chicken with a horse.

A couple of months ago on a blustery Tuesday I
set out to find a "quiet" image. One that captured the melancholy I was feeling.

While coming into the town of Cataldo, along the Coeur d' Alene River, I noticed a road that would take me on a section that I had not been down before.

As I turned onto this road I noticed a hauntingly beautiful white horse that had apparently found a way out of its pen and was heading straight for me. I immediately grabbed my Canon and started shooting.

The Mustang quickly did an about face and trotted away from me. I was obviously in the way of where she wanted to go. She would then turn and gain steam and move toward me again, hoping that I would take the hint and make way. This happened about three times before she saddled right up next to my vehicle and stared me down.

I blinked, as did my shutter, and drove off letting her pass.